Wine Tasting | Vancouver

Need an idea for that work social or Christmas party or looking for a fun night in with friends? 


Jazz up the boardroom with a guided wine tasting or gather your pals for a relaxed wine evening in the comfort of your own home.


We'll choose a theme together (wine tasting 101, grape comparisons, country comparisons, Wines of France, Wines of Italy, Wines of get the idea) and work within your budget. We'll provide everything from glassware, plateware, snacks and of course the wine, expertise and FUN. 

PRivate Dinners | Vancouver

The perfect special occasion, work dinner, wedding or any of life's celebrations!

Looking for a memorable, wine fuelled evening? Leave it to us! We'll provide you

with a tailored wine dinner in Vancouver's most unique venues or even just around your kitchen table, with food cooked by some extraordinary chefs and wine curated by yours truly. 

We'll handle everything from the venue, equipment, staff, the signature welcome cocktail, thoughtfully planned menu and perfectly paired wines. If you fancy some dancing later in the evening, our little black book has you covered. 

wine consultation | Vancouver

Need help with the wine for a special event or wedding or simply want a curated wine box to take to the in-laws. This is our jam.

We can help you put together the perfect wine pairings for that special dinner or help you with the wine picks for a wedding and other special event, all within your budget. We can set up a tasting with you and are also available to pour wine for you at the event. 

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